1973 – The Last Time We Flunked Out At Sustainability

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We Didn’t manage to get it then… how have we changed to solve our problem now?

2007 exhibition presents an unprecedented response to the 1973 oil crisis.

1973: Sorry, Out of Gas – While influential at the time, much of the innovative work of architects, engineers, and activist groups of the period was forgotten once financial markets and energy distribution systems adjusted, and political focus diminished.

Sound familiar?

The 1973 the value of oil increased exponentially and triggered economic, political, and social upheaval across the global response to the shortage…

The research and innovations of thirty years ago are of particular relevance in the context of contemporary concerns about continued diminishing energy resources.

Today, however, a new sense of urgency is emerging, provoked by the reality of a deteriorating environment and a finite supply of fossil fuels. “It is of vital importance to consider the radical yet, in many cases, little-known work from the 1970s as architects today struggle to address similar issues,”

Out of Gas explores contemporary issues in architecture with a specific focus on urban, social, and environmental concerns. It follows Environment: Approaches for Tomorrow (2006) and Sense of the City (2005), the groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to the sensory dimensions of urban life that have traditionally been ignored or repressed.

1973: Sorry, Out of Gas

When the price of oil goes down again… as this Foreign Policy article points out, there is no fundamental rationale for the current prices; oil should be between $40-$60 a barrel, but because of speculation and fear the price has been driven up much higher.

What are they going to say when the price goes down? I expect crickets.


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