Lifes basics cost 20% more this year-Please consider conserving…..

Posted on November 16, 2007. Filed under: EthanolHoax |

While I read through my annual OSHA and labor stats I found the following of interest:  
  • Food prices are 5% higher this year than one year ago,
  • Energy prices are up nearly 15% 
  • Medical care 5%
In the average family of four this is equal to about: $1,600 a year
Also on average Americans will spend 10% more this holiday season as they fall 30% more into debt….
Also, thanks to a 15% rise in dairy prices and a 45% hike in egg prices. Purdue economist Corinne Alexander said energy costs are higher and food retailers are passing that onto the customer in the food bill. She also said prices of foods made with wheat are up 10%; and while the Thanksgiving turkey will cost about 94 cents more than last year, prices of the trimmings are lower. Source: Extension Update
I won’t mention gasoline prices as they are painfully evident.
And while polls suggest  Nearly Three Out of Four Americans Want Increased Renewable Fuel Use, I question weather these same people understand the direct correlation between the expansion of these “renewable options” with our energy and food prices?
There are 1000’s of viable ways to conserve our natural resources and reduce costs to our families.  But there are devastating programs touted as “green”  promoted through out our nation that are not only destroying our water and food supplies but have also increased the basic cost of survival in America.

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