Grist Grills a Peaceful protest of Idiot or Moron?

Posted on February 14, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

David Roberts is a little hard on a “one man mission” for the environment…

Call me a moron but, I will be tuning in on Lee’s campaign at
I had a hard time reading David of the Grist’s choice of words on “Lee’s” protest of the “Discovery Channel”. Using the words “stupid” and “idiot” to describe this environmental search for truth in science media (linked here).
Even kindergarten children know enough not to blindly call individuals “stupid idiots” as it’s hurtful and reflects ignorance. I remind my son that the world is filled with Billions of people and choosing which ones are “idiots” is just not that easy (see Idiot or Moron).
Furthermore, ranking LEE’s cause of on a scale of “smart” to “idiot” is impossible in world of imbeciles who continue to choose to destroy our future for these children.
It appears to me that he is simply protesting the same lack of ethics and ideals that plague the media into “green washing” our world into false hopes and options lacking fundamental structure or science to succeed or even help the environment. Further promoting global environmental doom pandemic just to boost ratings.
Completely ignoring the problems that have abundant solutions nicely outlined and promoted throughout the GRIST.
And while LEE’s campaign may lack the “style” and “million dollar” bang David is looking for….
I am completely confused by David’s personal judgment of one person willing to “risk it all” for the hope we can change our ways.
Giving Lee the benefit of a doubt, I contacted him yesterday and asked him about his campaign and the genuineness of his intentions.
He stated to me in an email: “I can assure you that my only intention is to save the planet by whatever means possible.”
After Lee let me know that, I offered my support and volunteered to help.
But, I guess that just makes me a “Stupid Idiot” 😉

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