Microreactor can convert virtually any liquid fuel into hydrogen,

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Hydrogen car problem: While hydrogen has been lauded as the “energy of the future,” this is NOT a short term reality…. Hydrogen is not a great energy carrier. It has a relatively low energy density, it’s difficult and dangerous to transport, and finding a way to store it in vehicles has proven difficult (ranges of only 100 miles). The refueling infrastructure is also non-existent.

Even more to the point, we haven’t yet established a renewable source of energy to produce hydrogen.

Possible solution: Weighing less than one pound, the square piece of shiny steel houses an array of microchannels containing patented catalytic sites. Each microtube helps convert a continuous stream of hydrogen from fuels like gasoline, diesel, vegetable oil, biodiesel, propane, natural gas, even the glycerol byproduct from biodiesel manufacturing.

Reducing the cost of hydrogen generation: “The smaller system size, reduced catalyst volume, and more efficient process that is realized with InnovaTek’s technology represents another significant step in moving the hydrogen economy from science to commercial reality,” he said. 

While InnovTtek’s reactor can run on a variety of non-renewable hydrocarbon sources they, like the potentially revolutionary Coskata Biofuels, are expressly interested in sustainable power, even to the point of preferring biodiesel in their test runs. Innovatek also said that biodiesel just plain works better: it contains fewer impurities and reforms at lower temperatures than petrodiesel.

Taking all this into consideration, Innovatek’s reactor could revolutionize the energy and transportation infrastructure of the country.

Source gas2.org

Find out more about hydrogen fuel problems and solutions at: HybridHype


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