Is the action on toxic plastics hype? No

Posted on April 17, 2008. Filed under: BPA, Toxic2U |

I am often asked if the “toxicity of plastics” is a valid concern… Plastics are critical to our health, safety and protection of our resources. When used in medical, transport, manufacturing, etc… plastics are a vital to the continued success and development of our future.

But, certain plastics in food, buildings and disposable consumer products are not just toxic and dangerous (to people and the planet) but also deplete the finite limit to the same “vital” plastics that are essential to our future.
IF plastics were regulated on a “risk scale of sustainable use”… “problem plastics”, currently contributing to our toxic disposable cocktail of consumer use products, would be diverted to building a safer, healthier and more sustainable future. As qualitive “risk based” law would regulate how and why plastics are safely used.
Between the EPA,CPSC, international non-profit, environmental and plastics groups… this information language is ALREADY well defined and documented. So putting it into law should be easy enough?
But hey, “What do I know” 😉
… here are the toxic “plastic problems” summary by reader request.
NY-Times: the Canadian government is said to be ready to declare as toxic a chemical widely used in plastics for baby bottles, beverage and food containers as well as linings in food cans. A person with knowledge of the government’s chemical review program spoke on the condition he not be named because of a confidentiality agreement. He said the staff work to list the compound, called bisphenol-a, or B.P.A., as a toxic chemical was complete and was recently endorsed by a panel of outside scientists. . . “If the government issues a finding of toxic, no parent in their right mind will be using products made with this chemical,” said Rick Smith, . “We will be arguing strongly for a ban on the use of this chemical in food and beverage containers.”
Regardless the ‘Toxic’ plastic could remain in use. As speculation mounts that the federal government will declare that common plastic food and drink containers are officially toxic, an odd twist is also emerging: Being declared toxic would not force the products off supermarket shelves
More facts – Archives at Toxic2U and BPA:

Online resources on possible risks and alternatives to plastics for children:

I also Enjoy the work by Chris Jordan depicting the millions of problems we create a day (below and linked here)


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