Who cares – soda, tobacco, oil and alcohol can hurt you?

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Just one more thing to think about when asking if Soda a bad idea?
Cola, tobacco, oil and alcohol companies may make the guns, but WE voluntarily do the crimes. 

What would the EHS compensation package for soda claims look like for:
  • The trillion’s of gallons of clean U.S. drinking water used without payment (influencing U.S. drought around every production plant) 
  • Increased national onset of childhood diabetes cases due to use of HFCS sweeteners 
  • The increase in bipolar disorders, leukemia and lymphoma associated with aspartame
  • Treat preservative and sweetener induced ADHD that put one out of three U.S. kids on some kind of daily prescribed mind altering drug that can cut kidney and liver lifespan in half
  • Offset the emissions millions of  old-style coolers harmful HFC vending machines deployed in over 210 countries and billion’s tones of CO2 emissions from consumable production
  • Treatment of annual increase in osteoporosis cases were Phosphoric acid leaches calcium from bones(soda active ingredient) 
  • Compensation for the lives lost from lack of drinking water surrounding production plants in third world facilities
  • Replace million’s of  worldwide damaged dental features
  • Or mitigate the DNA damage to future generations from culprit mitochondria’s sodium benzoate inhibiter 
While it look like the case in tobacco, oil and alcohol – it is not.… most soda and consumer beverage bottlers have led the campaign to educate, advocate and research for safe alternatives disclosing know and potential problems as the information is found.
While “one or two” soda’s a week are proven to be safe for most, I am not sure the general public understands the “lifetime” ramifications of supplementing healthy daily dietary choices for this soda nightmare.
Unlike past tobacco, oil and alcohol scandals… most soda and consumer beverage bottlers want you to know of these choices.

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