The Template for Climate Crisis "Cause"

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Biofuels give us an idea what we can expect from “reactive environmental campaigns”. All in the name of “the global warming crisis”, …

According to many  environmentalists this has accomplished the following:

  • Helped drive up food prices, contributing to a global crisis;
  • Led to “increased environmental damage,” including dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico so polluted by fertilizer runoff that nothing can live;
  • Created “incentives for global deforestation, including in the Amazon basin”;
  • Reduced U.S. oil consumption by 1% while eating up 25% of our corn production.

If carbon-induced global warming is “Eco-Reactivist’s” primary concern then, more food based biofuels will continue to make it worse by clearing agricultural land and rainforests, which absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide.

The paradox is that “in viral medias” short sighted focus on quick fixes that have proven to fail since the 70’s, may in actuality cause a enough to environmental damage and pollution to create “true manmade global warming”.

By now everyone has witnessed the devastation of food based, subsidized biofuels. Once started, government initiatives are difficult if not impossible to stop, no matter how disastrous.

Taxpayers will still be subsidizing ruinous biofuels when the next catastrophic solution to the imaginary climate crisis is imposed.

This is a call to ALL regulators, policy makers and academic leaders to address  this pandemic push to reactively control our planets finite energy, food, fuel and water supplies by posting your years of data and ignored regulations. (find out more at

IF our nations leaders continue : “Base Legislation on newspaper headlines”…  “Eco-Reactivist’s” may push current energy and environmental problems past the point where even I see a viable solution. – Haase

 Read more by WA-Post: Lester Brown and Jonathan Lewis


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