Newly proposed energy legislation – IMPORTANT read

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We threw thousands of legislative hours and millions of our tax dollars at the “reactive” quick fix  Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Now we are geared up to do it again. I am not sure any armchair American has a general understanding of the massive economic and social impacts of these ACT’s. It is vital to our future that each and every American is educated on these proposals. If the Billions throw at “legislative process” debating went towards actual American energy investments, we would not be on this downward spiral. 
The newly proposed Domestic Energy Production Act of 2008 claims;  “Rather than raise taxes, block production, increase regulations, and call for investigations”

Senate Republicans to introduce legislation stating; “to address the nation’s current energy crunch by increasing access to domestic supplies, expand the nation’s refinery capacity, and promote market-based alternatives for our energy future.”


  • Increasing Domestic Refining Capacity “… bring down the price of gas at the pump by ending the outsourcing of U.S. refining capacity and U.S. jobs.”
  • Increasing Domestic Energy Exploration “Increasing domestic energy exploration… on 85 percent of America’s offshore waters.”, “The Domestic Energy Production Act of 2008 allows for environmentally sensible drilling in ANWR.  It also allows individual States to decide if drilling should be permitted in their offshore waters.”
  • Section 526 Repeal  ” the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which prohibits federal agencies from contracting to procure nonconventional, or alternative, fuels that emit higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions than ‘conventional petroleum sources.’  that could limit the diversity and supply of fuel for our nation’s Air Force and other military branches… forced to obtain a greater percentage of petroleum from unstable regions of the world, endangering our ability to quickly and economically obtain much-needed fuel to conduct operations vital to the defense of our nation.
  • Repeal Ethanol Mandate “take swift and meaningful action to help mitigate the damaging impact of our nation’s irresponsible biofuels mandate… failure of last year’s Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Haase –  If we are calling a ONE YEAR OLD,  legislative act a “huge failure”, we need to take a long hard look into why.  
We are witnessing true degradation of environmental protection and conservation through media manipulation of our legislation.  Undermining years of organized economic and environmental planning that has made the U.S. the world environmental leader.
– Hurry up and do something or “polar bears get it”… These “do it now or we’ll sue” media campaigns continue force legislators to react to a “headline created” pandemic crisis.
FACT: No one can argue the data, the U.S. has the cleanest, water, air land in conjunction with the population continuing to increase WHILE we are decreasing, emissions and energy use (based on our population and GDP).

American’s NEED to focus on communicating long term strategies of protecting jobs, energy and the environment… not short sighted viral “quick fixes” advertised by the popular medias shareholders agendas.  

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