BPA – oh the drama

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Ohhh… the Drama from Treehugger: Bisphenol A Is In Your Tomato Sauce

Reality –  an adult would need to consume hundreds of cups of the tested products each day to exceed the limit.

Exposure in infants and small children need to be the focus.


From treehugger We have discussed the danger of gender-bender chemical Bisphenol A from cans before; (see BPA Danger may be greater from Tin Cans than Water Bottles) Now the Globe and Mail and CTV have tested a range of canned foods and found that they are leaching more than double the amount of the stuff than the baby bottle and Nalgenes that everyone has been dumping. Tomato sauce had 18.2 parts per billion, kid’s ravioli 6.2 ppb and tomato juice 14.1 ppb. “These results provide further evidence that we are marinating in this chemical on a daily basis,”… Female mice given traces of the chemical during fetal development and early in neonatal life developed double the amount of milk ducts, something the researchers surmised would increase breast cancer risk in humans. The concentration used was only 25 parts per trillion – Health Canada’s safe limit is a thousand times above that and the concentrations found in Canadian canned foods were hundreds of times above what was used in the Boston experiment. Globe and Mail

See more at Treehugger video: Hidden chemical in cans

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Wal-Mart Dumps BPA Bottles; More Studies Pan BPA


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