Don’t let the stress take you first…

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I find it ironic that the leading cause of death in our nation is heart disease* in all probability brought on by stress*.
And it starts so young…
By second grade my son (yep public school) has already been taught that he is a “cause” of global warming, hunger, war in foreign nations and destruction to environment (by just being an American). He is in a great school with a wonderful teacher but this is just “part of the curriculum”. Much like helping him “feel the burden” of decades of WAR, slavery and world hunger…
And last week it was just “one more thing”, he discovered that life on earth may end before 2029 (Apophis)
He asked me if I knew how and when we will die? 
I said, I know that we will probably not die from, starvation, war, global warming or a massive asteroid…. and that “I strongly believe our life has been given to us to prevent the rest of our world from the same destruction.”
I looked at him in a deeply and said “you are my hope and my future and whatever challenges we face, we face together” (If the stress doesn’t kill us first).
He replied,  “yeah Aapophis shouldn’t actually hit us until 2036″

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