Producing more while reducing impact… HP Nice work.

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Apparently HP wants every one to know that they “recycled e-waste efforts”. HP’s was VERY busy searching the web this looking for articles promoting their recycling savings since 2006.
Searching google for — “In fiscal year 2006, HP recycled e-waste the equivalent weight of more than 600 jumbo airliners globally. By using alternative materials to build HP’s personal computers, the metal saved over the past 18 months”


They pounded my site from four different severs in two countries within a few minutes:
U.S. – (Hewlett-Packard Company)
India –
India –
India –
This intrigued me to find out more… they have good reason to want people aware of HP efforts.
While HP’s 2006 Global Citizenship Report outlines the 1 billion pounds of electronic products and supplies HP reduced by the end of 2007 and site emissions reduced by 31% along with the combined energy consumption goal of HP operations and products 20% below 2005 levels WHILE increasing profit…
Want more?
  • Injury case rates dropped from 0.13  to 0.10
  • Social investments went from $45.6 to $47.1 Million
  • Environmental Impacts went down 751.3 to 731.3 (TRI material Tonnes)
  • In 2007, water consumption was reduced in all regions, with an overall reduction globally of approximately 12 percent.
  • Landfilling less than 1% of process waste and reducing global ladfill use 88.4% 
  • Let’s not forget they also earned $91.7 Billion the same year with 156,000 employees ($590,000 per person)
    Find out more at: hp-globalcitizenship
    See full report here:

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