Will U.S. Carbon tax $0.09 or $0.40 a gallon?

Posted on July 2, 2008. Filed under: CarbCrap |

New Math: 2.3¢ carbon tax now means 10 ¢ a litre at Gas Stations.
Following British Columbians accepting that  $100.00  carbon tax cheque from our Provincial government, today we will have cheque cashers remorse now that BC’s New Math equates to not a 2.3 cent a litre Carbon Tax, but it seems area gas stations whose new math are now charging us 10 cents a litre more for gas which was supposed to only be a 2.3 cent increase.  That is a full 40 cents a gallon more for gas. So the cheapest grade of gas is now a little over $6.00 a gallon, with premium approaching $7.00 a gallon.  Aren’t you glad your new Eco Friendly fuel efficient vehicle states use Premium Gas Only?

BC’s carbon tax is meant to encourage people to switch to a more energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive way of life; it is set to increase to 7.24 cents per litre [US$0.27/gallon US] by 2012.

Read more from by Barry Artiste at nowpublic


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