Going Green: Fad or the Future?

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Environmental Concern Has Storied History of Going In and Out of Style
The last few years have consumers switching to energy-efficient light bulbs and trading their SUVs for Priuses, a cliché normally reserved for fashion magazines has made its way into nightly newscasts and daily newspapers: Green is the new black.
A 2006 PowerPoint presentation — won Al Gore a nobel prize and ushered in an unprecedented era of environmental media. The next thing you knew magazines published green issues (Vanity Fair, Domino), actors waxed poetic about reducing carbon emissions (Leonardo DiCaprio) and musicians rocked out on a global scale under the auspices of “saving ourselves” from global warming (Live Earth).
But are Americans experiencing “green fatigue”? The ratings for Live Earth, which was billed as a must-see event, were dismal. The American broadcast drew just 2.7 million viewers, making it the least-watched U.S. program on Saturday night. Despite its undeniable entrenchment in pop culture and media, some experts say that the current incarnation of the green movement is just another “We Are the World” moment that consumers and businesses won’t be able to sustain over the long term.
“It’s a very difficult thing to change culture,” Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for NPD Group, told ABCNEWS.com, and Ikea charging 5 cents for carrying its plastic bags out of the store instead of bringing in your own isn’t going to do it, he said.
GREEN” not going to sustain itself,” he said. “It will truly become a lifestyle of businesses and consumers, but it’s not going to be done with the glamour and gusto that it’s done with today.”
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