Why our energy answer will be nuclear power

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Huffington Post, 2008 – Obama, Exelon, and their consultant, David Axelrod. A partnership made in heaven for the nuclear giant Exelon, which has given “at least $227,000” to Obama’s campaign that eventually got them legislation from the Illinois Senator written with their best interests in mind. . .

Mr. Obama scolded Exelon and federal regulators for inaction and introduced a bill to require all plant owners to notify state and local authorities immediately of even small leaks. He has boasted of it on the campaign trail, telling a crowd in December that it was “the only nuclear legislation that I’ve passed.”. . .

A close look at the path his legislation took tells a very different story. While he initially fought to advance his bill, even holding up a presidential nomination to try to force a hearing on it, Mr. Obama eventually rewrote it to reflect changes sought by Senate Republicans, Exelon and nuclear regulators. The new bill removed language mandating prompt reporting and simply offered guidance to regulators, whom it charged with addressing the issue of unreported leaks. . .

Frank M. Clark, executive vice president to Exelon, and John W. Rogers Jr., a director there, are among his largest fund-raisers, according to the Times. John W. Rowe, also an Obama contributor, is chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute, which is the nuclear power industry’s lobbying group.


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